Friday, February 12, 2010

Free Guru Nanak Dev Wallpapers, Guru Nanak Dev Ji Wallpapers

Guru Nanak Dev ji is the first guru of sikh religion who are worshiped by people not only in India but other countries with sikh community. Guru Nanak Dev ji bring spiritual knowledge and laid down the three principles of Sikhism. He is remembered today by his devotees, worshipers and people who has faith in their Guru Nanak Dev. Prakash Utsav marks the great celebration of Guru Nanak Dev ji birthday so explore these beautiful Guru Nanak Dev Wallpapers to place your dear god on your screen and to bless you always.
shri guru nanak dev ji picturesGuru Nanak Dev Wallpapers
Guru Nanak Dev Sikh wallpapersGuru Nanak Dev Ji Wallpapers

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