Friday, February 12, 2010

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Wallpapers, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Pictures

Guru Gobind Singh ji is the tenth and last Gurus of Sikhism who established Khalsa. He was a warrior who fought with the Mugals against in-tolerable torture over the non-Islam people. Guru Govind Singh ji compilated Adi Granth including the verses from first five and the ninth Gurus. People remember their dear Guru everyday and ask for his blessings to fight against injustice and always have faith in god. Download any of these Guru Gobind Singh Ji Wallpapers to express your inspiration, love, gratitude and trust for Bhai guru gobind ji.
Free Guru Gobind Singh Wallpaperswallpaper of shri guru govind singh jiGuru Gobind Singh Ji Wallpapers

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