Sunday, November 8, 2009

Goddess Saraswati Wallpapers, Saraswati Devi Wallpapers

Lord Saraswati is one of the form of Maa Shakti who symbolize the goddess of music, knowledge and speech. She is called the Mother of the Veda's, holding mala, a palmleaf scroll and playing music on a veena. Mata Saraswati is worshipped and Saraswati mantra is recited daily to improve memory and concentration in studies. Keep this mother of knowledge as a decorative piece on your desktop or laptop with any of these Goddess Saraswati Wallpapers.

Goddess Saraswati Wallpapers

Diwali Wallpapers, Free Diwali Wallpapers, Happy Diwali WallpapersLord Saraswati WallpaperMaa Saraswati Wallpapers

Goddess Kali Wallpapers, Maa Kali Wallpapers

Goddess Kali is one of the most fierce and dark look of feminine qualities of Mother who took this look to kill demons and all evil powers coming in between her and her human devotee children. The fearful and ferocious form of mata kali is the most wild and fiercest form of shakti symbolizing embracing and transcendental nature of cremation grounds. There are number of devotees of maa kali who worship her because she protects her devotees. Place these Goddess Kali Wallpapers to watch her diverse form.

Godess Kali Wallpapers

Kali Mata Wallpapers

Durga Kali Wallpapers

Monday, November 2, 2009

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Diwali 2009 Wallpapers

Diwali of the year 2009 is on Saturday, the 17th of October when the whole India and Indian communities will celebrate the tradition and culture of deepavali celebrations. Every religion participate in the diwali festival joy with full enthusiasm and dedication to follow the tradition of welcoming Lord Rama to his home town 'Ayodhaya' after 14years of exile along with various hindu god-goddesses to bestow their blessings over the worshippers. The whole World is going to be part of diwali 2009 celebrations so we feel previliged to present some excellent diwali 2009 wallpapers as a welcome of 2009 Indian new year too.

Diwali 2009

Diwali Wallpapers, Free Diwali Wallpapers, Happy Diwali Wallpapers

Colorful Diwali Wallpapers, Colorful Diwali Wishes and Messages

Bring the colors of festival to your life by involving with mood of celebration. Enjoy the traditional festival of lights by making a colorful diwali rangoli and welcoming everyone with a great smile and cheer of deepavali. Enjoy hanging colorful lanters, lighting candles, diyas and bursting fireworks. Exchange these colorful diwali wallpapers with your dearones and nearones to share colorful messages, wishes, sms and feel of celebration.
Colorful Diwali Wallpapers Colorful Diwali Celebrations colorful deepawali wishes

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Karva Chauth Wallpapers, Free Karva Chauth Greetings, Karwa Chauth Festival

Karva Chauth is a traditional hindu festival observed with married females who keep fast whole day for well-being of her husband and unmarried girls to get nice husband and they open they fast by looking at the moon and offering rituals for the rightfull prayer to god. By keeping fast on karwa chauth, wives express love and sentiments for their husbands and earn lots of gifts and love in return to it. So, this year, make your karva chauth preparations a little special for your hubby and don't forget to present him these karva chauth wallpapers to make him remind come home early for the pooja together at night.
happy karva chauth Karva Chauth Wallpapers Free Karwa Chauth Greetings

Best Diwali Wallpapers

Diwali is the best time to see the religious beliefs, traditions and customs of Indian people celebrating deepavali in their own unique way. Exchange notes of love, admiration and affection with dearones in the form of these best diwali wallpapers who bring best wishes of yours. Greet them with your best, sweet in hand and smile on face to spread happiness of diwali festival all over.
Best Diwali Wallpapers Best Diwali Greetings
best deepavali wishes

Diwali iPhone Wallpaper

Decorate your dear gadget for the holy season of deepavali with these diwali iphone wallpaper describing the beautiful scenes of colorful fireworks, lighted candles, diyas and other designs to put the glow of diwali festival all over. Exchange them for free with your colleagues, friends, buddies and more.
Diwali iPhone Wallpaper iphone wallpaper on deepavali
iphone Diwali Theme wallpaper
Happy Diwali iPhone Collection

Diwali Desktop Themes, Diwali Orkut Theme

Decorate your desktops, laptops, orkut profile and other online accounts for the coming auspicious days of diwali with these diwali desktop themes available to all for free with beautiful lighted candles, swaminarayan, Maa Lakshmi and other scenes to spread cheers of deepavali. Exchange these beautiful free themes on diwali festival to delight your friends, families and buddies.
diwali orkut theme religious deepavali desktop themes Diwali Desktop Themes

Ram Sita Wallpapers

Diwali celebrated the victory of Lord Rama over Demon Ravana who captured Sita and forced her to marry him because Ravana liked the beauty of Sita. The fight between husband Ram and the Ravana was because of Sita who was in Lanka and to get her back, Shri Ram fought with Ravana. Thats why whenever we think of the story of diwali, Sita Mata comes in mind. Even the names 'Ram and Sita' are often used for loving couples who maintains their relation of wedding. You can access these Ram Sita wallpapers to express the inspiration and to tell everyone how you are going to be with your life partner?

Ram Sita Wallpapers

Lord Ram Sita WallpapersShree Ram and Sita Wallpapers

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Navratri Wallpapers, Navaratri Durga Puja Wallpapers, Photos, Images

Navratri is a hindu festival of worship and dance when people observe fasting for nine days and nine nights. The nine signifies the nine forms of durga devi with feminine devinity. Each day of the navaratris is devoted to the worship of Shakti as durga, Bhadrakali, Amba or Jagadamba, Annapurna, Sarvamangala, Bhairavi, Chandika, Chandi, Lalita, Bhavani, Mookambika. So, put these navratri wallpapers to express faith and love for the religious hindu festivals and for durga puja.
navaratri durga puja Free Navratri Wallpapers Navratri Wallpapers Navratri Festival Wallpaper

Shubh Labh Diwali Wallpapers, Pictures, Images

Shubh Labh is associated with wealth, health and financial gains and its a traditional custom to put shubh labh symbol on the puja ghar as a welcoming note to Ma Lakshmi who will shower her blessings of wealth and prosperity all over. You can place these shubh labh diwali wallpapers on your applications to express love and affection for hinduism in hindu language.

Shubh Labh

subh labh on diwaliShubh Labh Diwali Wallpapers

Marathi Diwali Wallpapers, Diwali in Maharashtra

Diwali celebrations in Marathi religion as well as Maharashtra is different than others where the diwali celebrations begin with 'Vasu-baras', held in honor of cows then the Dhanatrayodashi, Narak Chatudarshi, Lakshmi Pujan, Diwali Cha Padva, Bhav-Bij, Tulsi-Vivah and various other marathi traditions. You can gift your marathi community friends, families, relatives and buddies any of these Marathi diwali wallpapers as a token of your heart-felt diwali wishes.

Marathi Diwali Wallpapers

marathi diwali greetingskandil marathi deepawali wallpapersDiwali Wallpapers in Marathi

Hanuman Wallpapers, Lord Hanuman, Sri Hanuman Ji

Lord Hanuman was the son of Vayu who played lead role in the battle of Rama with Ravana. Hanuman ji became disciple of Ram ji after he was impressed with powerful features of Rama. In return to the love and faith shown by Sri Hanuman in Rama, he blessed hanuman with perpetual youth and strength. Thats why, hanuman ji is worshipped by many people for his divine nature and versatile features. Put these hanuman wallpapers to express dedication over your dear Lord.

Lord Hanuman Wallpapers

Hanuman Ji Wallpapers

Sri Hanuman Wallpapers

Aum Wallpapers, Om Symbol Wallpaper

Aum is the sacred sanskrit syllable which is spoken by people as a mantra in affirmations and blessings. Om or Aum embodies the essence of the universe and is the symbol of Hinduism. People chant this religious symbol at the beginning of prayer and at the end also, during meditation time and while practising rituals. During Diwali season also, people utter Aum mantra as part of diwali puja so view these aum wallpapers to decorate your desktop or laptop and to beging enchanting Om in mind whenever you look at the deck.
Collection of Aum Wallpapers Aum Wallpapers Aum Symbol Wallpaper

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Maa Durga Wallpapers, Goddess Durga, Durga Puja Wallpapers

Maa Durga or Mata Durga is one of the religious hindu deity who is a goddess of patience, fierce compassion, fighter and power to fight for injustice. She is recognised with ten arms, weapons in hands, loose hairs and radiant rays comig out of her face. This hindu goddess in worshipped specially during navratri festival to bless her children (devotees) by keeping evil forces like selfishness, jealousy, anger, hatered, ego away from all. So, these Maa Durga Wallpapers are gift for all her devotees to express dedication, love and affection for her by setting them onto computer systems as well. Durga Puja is another attraction to watch this glorious feminine god full of energy, shiny attire and radiant looks. The beauty of Goddess Durga idol kept during durga puja are worth-watching with the way she is decorated with jewelries, costumes, flowers and other special accessories.
Durga Puja Wallpapers Maa Durga Wallpapers Goddess Durga Wallpapers

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